Cosmetic R&D: your custom project.

Our research and development center is made up of cosmetics specialists, as comfortable in the laboratory as in supporting customers. Based on in-depth knowledge of the market, industrial constraints and constant monitoring, we offer personalized support at each stage of your project to create a cosmetic product. From the beginnings of development to its launch on the market, including the choice of texture and packaging, we are at your side to develop cosmetics that correspond to your brand identity and the needs of your customers.

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A research and development center at your listening

The success of the COSIMA LABORATOIRE R&D division is above all a result of a tremendous human adventure. By entrusting us with your cosmetic research, you trust a team of pharmacists and engineers specialized in cosmetic development and industrialization. Together, they study your needs, compare them with market trends and make sure to offer you a solution that respects your philosophy and your history.

Tailor-made support – from development to the finished product – for your cosmetics.

The COSIMA LABORATOIRE portfolio is rich in 1,200 formulas in the fields of skincare, hygiene, haircare and sunscreen, all unique and customizable. With us, you don’t choose a cosmetic product from the catalog, you make sure of a tailor-made development, guided by our expertise, corresponding as closely as possible to your expectations, those of your customers and your possible constraints (COSMOS certification). , high rate of naturalness, minimalist formula, etc.).

The guarantee of innovative cosmetic products

Our expertise in cosmetic analysis does not stop at production processes alone. Our research and development center is constantly looking for innovative textures, objectified active ingredients and the latest trends, all with a simple dual objective: to offer some of the most innovative cosmetic products and to contribute to the development of our cosmetics sector. activity. This notably involves the development of more natural products, more respectful of the environment and whose production is less energy-intensive.

Personalized 360-degree support to meet regulatory requirements

The support of the COSIMA LABORATOIRE teams is intended to be complete and personalized. It cannot therefore be limited to the technical aspects and is therefore also commercial and administrative. You can count on our R&D department from the initial idea to the marketing of your cosmetic products: feasibility study, process optimization, drafting of official documents and carrying out tests in particular.

Tests and analytics

No product is put on the market without cosmetic quality control worthy of the name. According to your needs, we ensure for you the good realization of:

  • Laboratory equipped with high-performance tools to characterize and test the different formulations.
  • Product-related tests : stability, compatibility, sealing.
  • Toxicological tests under dermatological control: challenge test, patch test, eye irritation test.
  • Objectification test: development of test protocols to validate your claims and support your marketing arguments.

Drafting of the PIF

The drafting of a Product Information Form (PIF) is mandatory for any cosmetic product placed on the market in a member state of the European Union. Developers of your future product, we are also in the best position to support you in its drafting.

  • Data gathering relating to ingredients: technical sheet, SDS, CMR, BSE, nanomaterials, non-testing on animals.
  • Drafting of documents relating to the formula: INCI, Qualitative-Quantitative Formula, PAO.
  • Collection of test reports
  • Toxicological assessment

    CPNP registration

    Our regulatory department is also at your side to register your cosmetics on the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP) before they are placed on the market.

    Recherche et Développement

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