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Cosima Laboratoire, a family success story.

COSIMA LABORATOIRE is a young SME contractor in the field of cosmetic products based in Ile de France (91).

With his expertise in dermo-pharmaceuticals and his 30 years of experience in the Cosmetics subcontracting sector, in 2014, Mr POINTET founded COSIMA LABORATOIRE.

The vocation of COSIMA LABORATOIRE is to listen to its customers in order to support them in their projects to create ranges of cosmetic products.

From the development of specifications, to the development of innovative formulas through regulatory compliance to the production of your finished products, COSIMA LABORATOIRE supports you at every step.

our values.

Made in France

made in France.

Products developed and manufactured in France.


proximity and listening.

Company on a human scale whose key words are Reactivity, Adaptability, Quality.



A new industrial site with a versatile, complex and evolving machine park.

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our teams.

Equipe support

commercial management.

Mr Yves POINTET – Scientific Director – and pharmacist by training, ensures with his team, customer relations, purchases, orders and the coordination of industrial operations.

R&D / regulatory.


R&D – Regulatory: Department headed by Ms. TISSEYRE. Team made up of 7 people, pharmacist and chemical engineers for global expertise in formulation, innovation, regulation and industrialization.

Equipe développement
équipe Cosima contrôle qualité



Quality: Service directed by Mr CLEMENT composed of 2 people specialized in physical chemistry and bio analysis and control. Ensures product quality at every stage: from the receipt of raw materials to the release of the finished product.



Production : Manufacturing department headed by Mr CLARET. 7 people specialized in managing manufacturing units ranging from 50kg to 5 tons.

Packaging : Service directed by Mr MARTIN. 20 people trained in the management of the 7 packaging lines.

Logistics : Department headed by Mr FOURNIER. 3 people responsible for receiving, picking up and preparing orders.

Equipe production

our skills.


hair care-
ethnic hair care.

personal care.

sun care.


baby-pregnant woman.

All our products also exist in ORGANIC


your accompaniement personalized.

Step 1
 définition du besoin   definition of need.

Discussion and exchange in order to target and understand your needs and to jointly establish precise specifications

Step 2
développement de la formule  formula development.

Development of the formula according to the specifications defined together and round trip phase to optimize the formula according to your comments until validation of the formula

Step 3
choix packaging  choice of packaging.

At the same time, choice of packaging and development of designs in consultation with Cosima and the toxicologist expert

Step 4
tests formule  formula testing and DIP development.

Test phase of the validated formula: stability and toxicological tests and constitution of the DIP for toxicological validation

Step 5
 commande  command launch command.

Supply of packaging and raw materials. Lead time of 8 weeks minimum upon receipt of the order – Manufacturing planning upon receipt of MPs and ACs

Step 6
contrôle  reception control and MPs and ACs control.

Raw materials and packaging items are sampled, analyzed and released before production begins

Step 7
  put into production.

Production is carried out according to the operating mode defined by the R&D team according to GMP

Step 8
contrôle  control and release of the bulk.

The bulk is checked to ensure its quality: organoleptic, physico-chemistry, microbiology and then released within 7 days

Step 9

Packaging of finished products in compliance with GMP according to the specifications defined upstream

Step 10
contrôle  control and release of finished products.

The finished products are checked to ensure their quality: organoleptic, physico-chemistry, microbiology and then released within 7 days.

Step 11
  shipment of finished products.

Once the finished products are released, you can organize the transport in connection with the logistics department

example of a custom-made project.

development of a range of 3 products

premium anti-aging.


The client called on us to support him in this project and provide him with our expertise in terms of formulation. One of the 3 products was a global eye contour serum reducing all the signs of aging with a high index of naturalness and fragrance-free.

The first step was to fully understand its need and its concept, its identity in order to be in line with the brand’s other products. After several meetings, we targeted their needs and established precise specifications grouping together all the desired constraints. These exchanges made it possible to refine its project and to study the industrial feasibility by correlating its concept with our industrial expertise.

This phase of exchange and development of the specifications is essential to carry out a project and to propose relevant responses that meet the customer’s needs.

Then begins development phase.

First we make a selection of textures from our sample library. Here we selected fluid emulsion textures that penetrate quickly with a non-greasy finish, non-controversial ingredients and have a high naturalness rate.

Thanks to client’s comments we define a texture that will then be customized. This leads to the choice of raw materials desired by the client. For the choice of materials, we worked in collaboration with our expert toxicologist to determine together the various toxicological tests and efficacy tests to be carried out to support the claims that client wishes to claim. This upstream study phase makes it possible to target the expected activities of product and thus select active ingredients meeting these criteria.

In this case we were on a range concept of 3 products, a transverse active was selected in order to have a range cohesion. This transverse active is therefore flagship asset of the range for its anti-aging properties. All marketing of the range will be based on this molecule. Then, to be part of the brand identity, a highly concentrated mineral active was imposed. So we had to build formula around this additional constraint. For the choice of other active ingredients specific to eye contour product, we have worked in collaboration with our actives suppliers to determine the best possible synergy of active ingredients for this issue and compatible with the other ingredients of formula.

Once this choice of actives has been validated by the client, we can then proceed to formulation tests that will allow us to combine the modified texture with the selected actives.

A Go-Back Client-Lab phase then begins to modify the form based on customer feedback until validation.

At the same time, client develops its packaging in collaboration with our teams in order to study its industrialization.

Once formula has been validated by the client and package defined, we proceed to testing and regulatory compliance stage.

For 4 months formula is dermatologically tested in order to attest its stability over time and its safety for the consumer in order to constitute the Product Information File (PIF) which will be validated by the expert toxicologist, and the declaration on the European CPNP portal authorising marketing of the product.

Once product is validated industrial process can begin. Upon receipt of the order, a minimum of 8 weeks is required to fulfill the order. This delay allows supply of packaging by the client and purchase of raw materials by Cosima. All raw materials are sampled, analyzed and released by our quality department according to our internal procedures according to ISO 22716 Good Manufacturing Practices before use in manufacturing. Once all raw materials and packaging have been released, manufacturing can be planned. A procedure is drawn up by our industrial transposition service on basis of tests carried out in laboratory. Once manufacturing process is completed, it is checked, physico-chemistry and microbiology, by our quality control department. Once released, the production can be packaged according to specifications defined beforehand by the client.

Once controlled and released, finished products are shipped to the client.

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