manufacturing, packaging and storage tools.

production and storage tools: a state-of-the-art cosmetic manufacturing laboratory.

The production capacity of COSIMA LABORATOIRE is based on an efficient and versatile laboratory, specially designed to adapt to our processes and our quality requirements. It takes the form of a center of more than 3200 square meters, combining state-of-the-art machinery and spaces dedicated to the packaging and storage of your cosmetic products. All types of galenics (except powders) can be produced in small, medium and large series.

a machine park dedicated to cosmetic manufacturing.

Our machine park occupies a recent workshop, compliant with the BPF ISO 22716 standard. Our expertise and the recognition of the quality of our formulations by our customers in France and abroad have enabled us to double our production capacity between 2014 and 2021. Today, 400 square meters are dedicated to manufacturing alone.

a versatile manufacturing site.

The COSIMA LABORATOIRE cosmetics production site stands out for its versatility. Our expertise thus covers the development and manufacture of most types of dosage forms (fluid to thick emulsions, reverse phase, gel, lotion, foamer, butter, balm). All batch sizes are also possible, from pilot batches to larger productions allowing optimal scaling up and process optimization.

state-of-the-art production lines.

For the manufacture of your galenics, you can rely on modern equipment. Complex mixers as well as additional tanks.

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our equipment.

Vacuum mixer with double-wall, emulsifier at the bottom of the tank and planetary stirring :
one 50 to 150 L tank and associated stirrer
one tank from 300 to 1000 L and associated stirrer
one tank from 500 to 2000 L and associated stirrer

Annex tanks:
2 stirred tanks: 4000 L and 5000 L and associated external emulsifier
Annex planetary stirrer
Annex tanks of 400, 500 and 1000 L

a workshop dedicated to packaging.

A 650 square meter packaging workshop takes over from our cosmetic manufacturing laboratory. Also very versatile in terms of technicality and automation, it can be used to fill jars, bottles, tubes, small bottles, droppers and airless. Our key words: adaptability and versatility. Our lines adapt to your needs: from sample tubes to sales or retail models, medium and large series, manual, semi-automatic or automatic.

2 tube fillers: sales model and samples
Medium to large series
Filling volume: from 2 mL to 300 mL
Tube diameter: 13.5 to 50 mm
Maximum filling capacity: 60 and 80 cp/min

3 automatic fillers
Medium to large series
Liquid to semi-pasty products
Centrifugation, fill level monitoring, torque control
Filling volume: from 6 mL to 1000 mL
Average filling capacity: 45 cp/min

4 semi-automatic fillers
Small to medium series with a high rate of manual labor
Liquid to semi-pasty products
Filling volume: from 2 mL to 500 mL

1 semi-automatic filler with heated and agitated hopper complete with a cooling tunnel and a 300 L agitated melter
Small to medium series of hot poured products: balm or butter
Filling volume: from 2 mL to 300 mL

1 semi-automatic debimetric filler for large volumes
Packaging dedicated to professionals
Liquid to semi-pasty products
Filling volume: from 1L to 25 L

Coming soon: acquisition of additional automation modules


our production lines, your packaging.

Once your cosmetic product has been manufactured and packaged, all that remains is to put it in your colors. Boxing, labeling, lidding and cellophane wrapping are all steps that allow a product to fully fit into your brand identity. Perfect batch traceability is ensured by printing the batch number by thermal transfer on labels or by inkjet printing on the pack.

2 automatic cartoners:

Dimensional constraints for automatic case packing:

  • offset flaps 
  • Traceability: coding by incision
  • Average rate: 2400 cp/H

9 automatic labellers

  • Banding labeling
  • Double-sided labeling
  • Pot lid and bottom labeling
  • Traceability: Printing of the batch number by thermal transfer on labels or inkjet printing on the pack.

1 thermal traysealer
Aluminum lid

1 wrapper
Folding in X

a complete logistics warehouse.

Finally, COSIMA LABORATOIRE houses a complete logistics center of 2200 square meters. It includes in particular a storage area for raw materials, a cold room and a space dedicated to the storage of your bulks in case you wish to entrust us with their packaging.

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